Our Story

Two Worlds Collide

Letisia and Mercy are the co-founders of HerRiseUp.
Originally from Uganda and Kenya the unlikely duo met as part of their MBA program and quickly established themselves as frenemies due to ties to their respective home countries.

However this all changed when they soon discovered that they had a common interest; in education, technology, women-led businesses and women empowerment particularly those from financially underserved communities. This common passion led to the birth of HerRiseUp.
Differences were soon settled by the pair, and eventually they agreed to disagree about which nation is better at sports, cultural dresses and food.

Our Mission

Promote and scale women-led businesses to new markets, allowing them to rise to their full potential.

Our Vision

Empower women and promote cultural diversity within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Letisia Odeke

Letisia is passionate about women empowerment particularly women from underserved communities. Letisia is an MBA graduate from the University of Adelaide and has worked for two global professional services firm. She also holds a Master of IT from Flinders University and a Bachelor of Commerce (Informatics) from the University of Johannesburg.

Mercy Oloo

Mercy has a strong passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, her passion stems from wanting to empower women and create lasting impacts in their lives. She is an MBA Graduate from The University of Adelaide, an experienced Tax Accountant and currently as the Global Partnership Coordinator for KIT International. Mercy's work experience spans three continents - Africa, North America and Australia.

Filip Rajec
Software Developer

Filip is a PhD Candidate at the University of Adelaide in Theoretical and Computational Physics. Filip has extensive experience in Web development and design, having worked and founded start-ups in Adelaide.