Four inspirational women receive the Australian of the Year Awards

Each year, Australia celebrates the achievements of inspiring citizens with the Australian of the Year Awards. The Awards honour highly-respected Australians who ignite discussion and change on issues of national importance. Since adding a fourth category in 2003, it was the second time (and certainly not the last) that four women made it to the … Continued

Get to know the founders..

HRU Global (HerRiseUp PTY LTD), is the business brainchild of Mercy and Letisia, born out of witnessing the struggles of women deprived of opportunities, and aspiring to empower and promote female entrepreneurship. I sat down with Mercy and Letisia to answer some questions about their inspiration, their friendship, and their motivation. Name your most influential … Continued

What does the 2020-21 Australian Budget mean for Women Entrepreneurs?

The Coalition believes the new budget will boost the confidence of the Australian business community, but with women entrepreneurs being the most affected by the pandemic – what does this mean for them? The 2020-21 budget has been announced amidst COVID-19 recovery and efforts have been made to stimulate the economy; to rebuild businesses, get … Continued